Diary 1|6,7|2016: Stars Here To There. A Great Night @ Arnaud’s.

January 7, 2016
By: Tom Fitzmorris, NO Menu

Ten days ago, Mary Ann and I had dinner at Le Foret with our friends the Klunas. Another friend who happened to be at the next table let loose a piece of gossip: that John Besh would shortly buy out the restaurant we were sitting in. The source has never fed me a false fact, and he didn’t this time. But nobody on the restaurant’s staff seemed to know this. That, or they were keeping it a secret. Le Foret opened some five years ago after a heavy renovation of a great building that sat empty for thirty years. The owners were a family in the oil industry. Which, perhaps you’ve heard, is cratering lately.

The interesting part of this for Mary Ann is that our daughter Mary Leigh is on the verge of reserving Le Foret for her wedding reception this September. But if John Besh has the place under his aegis again by then, the matter becomes a no-brainer. Last year, our son Jude had his reception at John Besh’s flagship, Restaurant August. It was everything we could have wanted. August and Le Foret are very similar in their setups. Mary Ann is delighted by the prospect of giving Besh a monopoly on Fitzmorris family wedding receptions. I am delighted with the possibility of Le Foret’s resuscitation. It was a five-star restaurant in NOMenu’s ratings for a few years, but that diminished after manager Danny Millan left Le Foret to open Cava.